Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Road Trip!

Lucy and Jane have survived their first real road trip (I'm not going to count the relatively quick drive to see Grandma and Grandpa in Jeff City)! We went to South Dakota for a long weekend so the Hartmans could meet these little cuties.

They were soooo good! Here are some highlights:

They got to see the world's only corn palace! Notice I didn't say world famous...

More corn palace fun:

Then they got to meet their great-grandma Hartman. She's where we got Jane's first name Sophia (interestingly, Grandma doesn't go by Sophia either - she's a Gertie).

And yes, that's the girls in matching pjs! Unfortunately, they have a little bit of stranger anxiety going on, so they didn't let Grandma hold them for too long before they'd start the waterworks.

They also got to meet and play with their great-uncle and aunt - Ted and Charlene, their cousins (really they're third cousins or first cousins twice removed or something like that, but it's just easier to say cousins) Bill and Lynette, Todd and Tarin and their kiddos, and Mark and Raylee, whose name I may have just mispelled.

Jane celebrated our return home by rolling over for the first time! It's amazing how quickly they're changing and developing into little people with distinct personalities and senses of humor and smiles that will just about kill you...