Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lucy Stroessner! You are hilarious. Recently I got a wild hare and decided you two should try some beets. Well, being the less-than-adventurous-eater you are, I wasn't sure how well that would go over. So I put your dinner plate in front of you and watched. You stabbed a beet with your fork, popped it in your mouth and chewed for about half a second before spitting it out and getting a disgusted look on your face. You said, "LUCY! Don't taste that!"

Your vocabularies are exploding and I am amazed, amused, and always impressed by your words and even sentences. You both know your last name, so when we ask, what's your name, you each reply: Jane Sesser. Lucy Sesser. You like to call your daddy by his first name, but you know that something isn't quite right about that, so you get a mischevious look on your face when you say, Jeff... Jane, you've been running around the house half saying, half singing, "Mother knows best" because you girls LOVE the movie Tangled, and maybe also because I love to sing to you that mother knows best... Luce, a few of your favorite sentences right now are: "I can do it!" and "That's a hard one" whenever something you're trying to do is difficult.

You love to play hide and seek, love being outside (even when it's 100 + degrees), and love eating pizza. Especially if said pizza is covered in black olives.

We took a long weekend to go to Chicago and you got to meet some new friends. We stayed with Grace, and we had told you in advance that Grace has a dog named Starly. When we got in late Thursday night and went into the bedroom, Lucy, you clasped your hands together and got a great big grin on your face when you saw a stuffed animal puppy. "STARLY!", you giggled, and then hugged her for a good two minutes. You loved Katy's cat, Zorak, crawling all over Katy's bed and loving Zorak a little too much. You both still refer to him as tiny Zorak, even though, well, he's definitely not tiny. You got to meet and play with Madelyn, Abigail, and Amelia, my college roommate Deb's four-year-old triplets. And we went to Navy Pier, Garfield Observatory, and Shedd Aquarium. Oh, and you had your first oatmeal shakes from Irazu. Yum!

You girls are the best. Even when you insist on drinking your cereal.


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