Thursday, August 22, 2013

My six-month baby

Mare-Bear. Hello Sweetheart. Yesterday, you turned six months old. You are the loveliest baby. You are a mama’s girl; you can’t wait to play hard with your sisters; you are so ticklish, especially when your dad is the one doing the tickling.

You have sat at the kitchen table with us for most of our dinners and you are very interested in eating table food. The other night, we gave you a piece of flank steak and you sucked that thing to death. So far, you’re mostly interested in throwing the rest of the foods we’ve offered you off your tray.

You roll over quickly from your back to your tummy and you’re fairly happy that way (as long as you can see Jane and Lucy) until you scoot yourself off your play mat and onto the carpet. Then you start to howl. Can’t say that I blame you. We aren’t very good at vacuuming.

You love to “stand”. Almost anytime I’m holding you while sitting down, you begin to wiggle and squirm until you’re in an upright position. You want to put your weight on your legs and you begin to bounce. Then you start talking, loudly, at your sisters.

You love to take a bath with Lucy and Jane. You are happiest when you’re in the tub, on your back, almost floating, and just kicking away. You love it when Jane and Lucy pay attention to you, and you seem to really love it when you make them laugh.

You take a bottle at daycare and when Nana has you, but it definitely isn’t your preference. Your preference is to be up with me all night eating. (We’re working on changing that habit.)

You have eyes that are sometimes blue, sometimes grey, and they are always sparkling. You have adorable hand dimples and pudgy little legs. You have serious cheeks.

You are six months old. Please stop growing up.

All my love,

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