Thursday, November 12, 2009

And we're back.

So, since last time, we have had some fun and exciting new developments. Here they are in chronological order. The abridged version.

Friday, November 6th.
Yeah!!!!, Tubes are out!!!! They look so different. Doctor says they may be coming home soon. Cross your fingers, count your chickens.

Saturday. Looks like tomorrow is the big day. The hospital is boarding us for the night, and we get to share the room with our little ladies. The nurses at Shawnee Mission NICU have been great. Thank you so much for taking care of our two beautiful girls. A special very grateful thank you to Jennifer and Loretta.

Sunday. Wow, not a lot of sleep last night, but they're home!!! We'll update tomorrow.

One night down, and we have to say that we are soooooooo happy the girls are home. The pets spent a couple hours just staring at them. One of our cats, Mark, watched them for a while, then went over to a corner and stared at the wall. Way to go, Mark. But all is great, and we are very happy. This is so much less stressful now that they are home. AND, we got to give them their first baths at home tonight. I think they loved it. Not one whimper.

Tuesday. Had the first visit to Dr. Slaymaker this morning. The girls are doing great. They have grown by over an inch in the last two weeks!! We figure they should be about 3' 8" by this time next year. Grandpa and Grandma Hartman came over to visit. At the least, we would describe them as understandably excited. Congratulations!!

Wednesday. Ahhhhh, don't eat our babies!!!! Eva, Lucy and Jane's 6 month old cousin, came over to visit tonight. We will have to post this photo as soon as we get a copy. Let's just say, our only point of reference for the past few weeks has been our little angels. To us they just look cute, but sitting next to a 6 month old, they just look like bait. I'm fairly sure demon Jane will protect Lucy.

Grandma and Grandpa Stroessner and Hartman got to spend some time with Lucy and Jane. We still can't get any of the Grandpas to get even close to a diaper changing table. One of these days Gramps, one of these days.

Today. Three words, Awesome!! Lucy and Jane have officially been on their first walk. It was so nice to get outside and enjoy fall. It was just around the block, but we had a good time. Well, Shelly and I had a good time, Lucy and Jane slept.

So that is the update for now. We have settled into our routine. We get up every three hours, day and night, and make sure the girls are fed. We hold them when they cry, and take them on field trips around the house. We sing to them, and tell them about how goofy life will be. They are happy, and we are happy.


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  1. A huge smile is pasted on my face as I read this blog. I love the pictures!