Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November 4


When I put Lucy back in the crib next to Jane, I put her down a few inches away, facing Jane. I looked in on them 30 minutes later and they had squirmed together until their foreheads were touching. The nurse told me when she came in this morning, Lucy was sucking on Jane's head, apparently searching for her pacifier.

Jeff and I were changing their diapers this evening and getting ready to feed both of them. They were hungry! Shoving anything they could find into their mouths. When Lucy's hand flew in front of Jane's face, Jane seized the opportunity and started sucking in earnest on Lucy's fingers.


Both girls gained a little weight - Jane is now at 5lbs 3.5oz and Lucy is at 5lbs 5oz. Just a reminder - Lucy's birthweight was 5lbs 7oz and Jane's birthweight was 5lbs 4.3oz.

And they both took bottles really well today! We'll see if all that work wore them out when they weigh them again tonight.


  1. Yea! A blog! Is that Jane without any hair? I've got to figure out who's who here.

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  3. She has hair. It's just blonde. Like my bachelorette party. Well, a little different. Actually, her hair is more like peach fuzz. But yes, you are correct. That's Jane. My sweet little chocolate covered Jane.

  4. What a beautiful pair! I love the story of how they moved closer together. Brings a heartfelt warmth to the soul :-) We love you guys and are praying for health for the twins and endurance for the two of you.

    Angie Howard