Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Seventh Month

How did this happen that our girls are 8 months old today? Jane and Lucy are ridiculous. They're ridiculously beautiful and fun and funny and smart and strong. I often say their cuteness isn't fair to all the other babies. This has been my favorite month so far. They've had their first sno-cones, their first trip to the zoo, their first ear infections. They've gone swimming, been to the farmer's market, and learned the polka at Kindermusik (rather, I learned the polka at kindermusik, and they got to dance with me). Jane, Jeff and I survived Jane's first diaper rash. We all got through Lucy's bout with the ear infection that wouldn't go away. They have a high chair! They sit up by themselves; they fall over by themselves. They love reading with Daddy. They are my favorite little people in the whole world.

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