Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy 1st summer!

Jane & Lucy,

Here's the thing. I feel so blessed, fortunate, lucky. To borrow (and alter) an idea from Lewis Carroll, you two are full of muchness. I'm sitting here typing at the kitchen table, while you, Lucy are chillin' in your high chair, eating cheerios and talking to me. Jane is upstairs napping. Sometimes, simple things like this make me feel so full from the "muchness" of it. You're sitting there, patting your little hand on your tray, sunlight hitting your sweet head, kicking your feet, and you're being such a sweet, precious, beautiful, normal but so beyond normal baby that I'm overcome with momminess. I did not know about this feeling before I had you two. Sure, your dad and I wanted kids, and we thought it would be fun and fulfilling and all that good stuff, but you girls are so much more. Thus the muchness.

I adore everything about you two. Lucy, your hair is a hilarious faux-hawk, and I refuse to tame it or flatten it or try to make it anything other than what it wants to be. But don't worry - we're not trying to make a baby hipster of you. I love that you pat my legs while you're sitting on the floor playing and that you turn around to make sure I'm still watching you and that you hate to be talked over so your voice gets louder and louder until you're screeching, but you're not angry, you're just making sure you're heard. I love your belly laugh. Jane, I'm pretty sure you give the best hugs an eight month old can give. You are a book, toy and cheerio stealer. If your sister has something you want, you take it. At some point, this will not be okay (like maybe next month when we start to tell you no), but right now, it's funny and cute. You flap your arms at everything. You want another bite? You flap your arms. You want to be picked up? You flap your arms. You're excited? You flap your arms. You have a high humor standard, refusing to laugh at our silly antics. It's not that you're unhappy - very much the opposite. You're almost always smiling. But we have to work to amuse you. And then it's almost as if you laugh (your half cough/half laugh) just to humor us. But you love to make Lucy giggle and that is maybe the cutest thing in the world to watch.

Happy first summer ladies. I find myself looking forward to all the fun things we're going to get to do together in future summers while also wanting this one to never end.


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