Monday, August 23, 2010

Ten months

When did this happen?! How is it that you have been living with us for ten months now? You girls are such a joy. Lucy, this month you have started to crawl. And I can't put into words how ridiculously cute it is to watch you cautiously maneuver around. But, at the same time, you're like a tonka truck, climbing over anything (or anyone - watch out Jane!) in your path. Jane, you continue to show us you're excited by stiffening your legs, flapping your arms, and making a big O with your mouth. It's adorable. And, not to be outdone, you've also begun crawling, just a week after your sister.

You ladies started daycare this month. So now your schedules are completely jacked up! You still spend Mondays with me, two days with Nana and two days now at daycare. The first day I dropped you off, Lucy, you cried and cried when Miss Linda took you from me. Jane, you were pretty happy playing on the floor with some new toys. As much as I wanted to take you back Luce, and make it all better, I knew that the best thing for both of you was for me to hightail it out of that room. And I did. And then I cried my eyes out in the hallway. However, your daddy and I are so excited about this place we've found for you. You are going to grow and learn so much over this next year with your new friends and Miss Carla and Miss Hattie.

Lucy, you've just started clapping your hands together. I can even get you to give the occasional high five. The funny part to me is that you actually clap at appropriate times. If you're proud of yourself, you clap. If we say, "good job, Luce", you clap. You're a freakin' genius. Jane, just the other day, you were watching Lucy do this and decided to get with the program. Only, you can't figure out how to clap your palms together and instead you hit your fists together and then seem confused about why your knuckles don't make the same noise Lucy's claps make.

It's funny to see some of your differences. Like eating. Lucy, you're the neatest little baby eater I've ever seen. I can put macaroni covered in pesto sauce on your tray, and you pluck up one piece between your thumb and finger and pop it into your mouth. Repeat. Jane, you pick up a similar piece of pesto macaroni and first it gets rubbed in your hair. Then you see if it will fit in your ear. Next, you check the smushability factor by squishing it in your little baby fist. Finally, any remnants are pushed into your mouth. I'm pretty sure your favorite part of mealtime is getting your hands as dirty and sticky as possible and then waiting for Maggie to walk by your high chair so you can pet her and collect a handful of dog hair. This has made you squeal with delight on more than one occasion. It has made me squeal with something a little less than delight.

There's so much about you two that I just want to hold onto forever. The way you crawl and climb all over your daddy. Your sweet baby hands grabbing my neck (even though that really hurts!). The way we can be in the car or going for a walk, and Lucy, you'll start in on your humming, and I'll join in, and then Jane will join us. Your daddy seems to think this is the three of us "droning", but I love it. The way you grab food from your sister's tray, even though you have the exact same thing on your own. Your soft breath at night when we go in to whisper good night and make sure you're covered.

How did I get so lucky?

All my love and then some,

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