Friday, September 17, 2010

The tenth month


Things we've done, experienced, and eaten:

Road trip to Colorado! We took a long Labor Day weekend and stayed with an old high school friend of mine, Heather, and her family in Fort Collins. Lucy and Jane were so much easier in the car than either of us expected. Of course, it probably helped that we stopped about 134 times on the way there and back. There were planned rest stops for breakfast, lunch, and bottles; there were multiple unplanned diaper change stops (the "uh-oh, that smell cannot be a good sign" stop); and there were a few freakout "why are there bees in the car; GET THE BEES OUT OF THE CAR!" stops.

Jane and Lucy had their first tastes of Ethiopian food - both are fans. They had their first tastes of Mediterranean food - Lucy likes falafel; Jane does NOT like falafel. They both are crazy for peaches. We've learned about the BRAT diet. That's what they're on right now because of a yucky virus. Bananas, rice, applesauce, toast. It's definitely not as adventurous or as tasty as they prefer, but if it takes care of the diarrhea, well, who am I to argue?

Our girls are crazy fast crawlers. Safety gates are installed and are being used as monkey bars by one Jane Stroessner. Lucy just watches like she's waiting for Jane to crack her head open. Which is a real concern. They like to chase their daddy, Mark the cat, and toys that roll. Jane finally figured out how to sit back down when she's tired of standing, but apparently she doesn't have that mastered yet at daycare. Miss Hattie said that she was fussing and fussing the other day when she was standing at the toy cube and Miss Hattie finally figured out that she just wanted to sit!

The girls have been trying to mimic words and sounds for a little while now, but it has gotten painfully cute recently. Jane says "cock-a-doooooo" after we tell her that's what a rooster says, and Lucy answers "mooooo" when asked what a cow says.

I cannot believe these little ladies are now eleven months old. They aren't babies anymore! We are having the best time loving our girls. Can hardly wait to see what the next month has in store...

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